Code of Student Conduct


The Code of Student Conduct (COSC) is aligned to local, state, and federal mandates with an emphasis on promoting a safe learning environment to ensure academic success.  The Code of Student Conduct sets the standards of conduct expected of students in a purposeful safe learning environment which the principles of care, courtesy, civility, fairness, acceptance of diversity, and respect for the rights of others is valued.   It also addresses the role of the parents/guardians, the students, and school, but also focuses on core values and model student behavior, rights and responsibilities of students, addressing student behavior, and disciplinary procedures.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that behaviors committed on or off the school campus may be violations of the COSC and may also be violations of Florida law. These violations may result in disciplinary actions imposed by local law enforcement authorities, in addition to those of the school/district. The Superintendent, principals, and other administrators shall assign discipline/corrective strategies to students pursuant to the Code of Student Conduct and, where required by law, protect the student’s due process rights to notice, hearing, and appeal.



Miami-Dade County Public Schools

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